Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Monday, February 16, 2009


How unfair is this day?

"I work my ass off every year to make Valentine's special for my wife, and every year she tells me what I did wrong. If I get her flowers, she's mad because I didn't get her a card, if I get her every possible thing she could want, she's mad because I 'spent too much money' and didn't put enough 'heart' into it... if I don't spend money then I 'don't care' about her... and there's still only a 1/5 chance we'll have SEX which is ALL I WANT."


Thursday, February 5, 2009


Let's talk about sex. The sex we aren't getting. The sex we wish we were getting. The sex she wants when we're just not in the mood-- the sex we want all the time and she is never in the mood-- the kinky stuff she's shot down, the pleasantly surprising kinky stuff we have tried..

In a word.


Rock her world

How much did you spend on the engagement ring? Was it worth it?

Wife vs. Mom

She changes when she has kids-- hell, everything changes when the kids arrive.

Some are better, some are worse. What's your take?

The 500 lb gorilla in my bed

"I wish my wife would lose weight."

"Why can't they understand that the visual attractiveness of their smaller self is part of what drew us in to begin with? When our wives show us they don't care about their bodies, it's almost like they're telling us they don't care about US, our connection. It's nearly impossible for someone to be attracted to a body type they are repulsed by... and then they have the audacity to get mad at US for trying to help them eat better or go to the GYM! I take care of myself for my wife, I see no reason why I don't deserve a spouse who would do the same for me."

These rants brought to you via truedadconfession@gmail.com

Is there a double standard? What if you gained as much weight as your wife has, but still feel resentment because she is no longer attractive? It happens.

And women don't want us to tell them if they're unattractive to us. They don't want us to tell them they've gained weight, they don't want to be told they're "fat"... so how are we supposed to "fix it"????

Dan Savage has some sage words of advice.

I love my wife. We've been married 10 years. Young punk-rock love turned into adult debt-ridden love. She's been there for me, helps me achieve my goals, all that. But she's let herself go, while I've gotten myself into better shape.

I pride myself on being a good husband. I've been 100 percent faithful, I clean, I tell her I love her. I don't want to hurt her. I love her. I just don't lust for her anymore. My wife's skin is a mess, she has dietary issues that cause gnarly gas, she eats bad food that causes her to gain weight. I always thought I was against the society-imposed, magazine-model, porn-star look girls are supposed to have. So it's hard for me to admit that I'm not cool enough to think my wife is hot the way she is.

When almost any girl you see is hotter to you than your wife... what the fuck do you do? When the desire to be with someone who actually turns you on is overwhelming... what the fuck do you do? When people you find attractive, women and men, hit on you all the time... what the fuck do you do?

What would YOU do??


Via the email (truedadconfession@gmail.com)

"My wife thinks I'm going away for a business trip... I'm really spending the weekend with my mistress. I can't wait!"

So, what is it about mistresses? They don't nag as much, for sure. And the sex can be OUT OF THIS WORLD.

But sometimes they get attached.

There are ups and downs to everything-- what are your thoughts on mistresses?